Thursday, January 31, 2008

Australia Day In Hawaii

Finally some swell here for the 26th. Australia Day here in Hawaii, found a few Aussies to celebrate with...hahaha

Filmed early on in the morning at Off The Wall.
Was great, can't believe how shallow it is all the way along these beaches. Is absolutely amazing.

Came home for lunch, relaxed a little and watched a bit more of the tennis and then we headed back out for an afternoon session.
Weather turned a little sour and the wind picked up, but the sun was out most of the time keeping everyone happy!!..

Didnt take many photos as most of the day was filming.
Went out to celebrate for Australia Day that night!!...

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Rosângela said...

Hello son Rhyees

My wish is that everything is right there, only the waves that do not appear true?
I have visited your blog always view the events.
So angry is not me because I am stealing some pictures ...
I spoke with Magno to go giving you some lessons from Portuguese to get here when rsrsrsrrs
Well that is what we are anxious waiting for you, and that the waves reach torcendo fast.
Please send kisses pro Magno

Kisses of its Brazilian mother.

Stay with God