Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cronulla Shark Island Trials

The Cronulla Shark Island Trials finished today in some small 2ft conditions with some great waves coming through early in the morning.

We saw some amazing heats with big world renown names competing against eachother for the title.

South African Wesley Fischer, managed to take out the title surfed on the point of cronulla.
He said to me, its similar to my home break so i feel comfortable here.

Congratulations to Wesley for his efforts.

Joining him and the top 16 are:

Mitch Rawlins
Ben Gohl
Jonathan Vega (Canary Islands)
Ryan Hardy
Brad Hughes
Chad Jackson
Jones Russell
Michael Chapple
Max Arent
Airam Cabrera (Canary Islands)
Charlie Chaplet (Re-Union Island)

Teahupoo Video

Below is a short teaser of some footage from Teahupoo that i filmed and edited.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Home Time Soon!

Our time comes to an end here in Teahupoo in 3 days where i finally head home after almost 6 months of Travelling.

We are preparing for the Shark Island Challenge in which the waiting period commences from the 1st of July to the 20th.

Keep an update on the blog for the info and hope to see you all there!!..


Cao - Rest In Peace

Sad news came to us here in Tahiti when a friend of Magno's and I from Brazil passed away due to cancer.
He was an awesome guy with a great personality and outlook on life.

Cao you will be missed!!

Rest In Peace!

Teahupoo = Perfection!

Its been hard to find a stable internet connection here.
Found the only wireless available, tapped into it and here i am updating my blog a few days late!!...

So we had a cool session 3 days ago getting used to the waves, i was intimidated big time!!..
This wave is crazy, its not only the most beautiful and perfect wave in the world but the most dangerous and craziest wave in the world!!...

We were hit with a sick swell yesterday and Magno and I were out at around 7am, I filmed for 3.5 hours and then we came in for some food and a recovery rest. We were then back out in the afternoon for another 3 hours. The afternoon wasnt as good as the wind picked up but Magno had a great run.

Surfing just under 30 Barrels at one time Magno was the only one surfing!!... It was insane!!...
I got more comfortable and slowly went deeper and deeper!... Finally i confronted this beast!!...
Having this barrel spit right in front of me i loved it.. The colours are truly amazing and the water is so clear its not funny!..
The reef is beautiful and this place is simply amazing!!!

Met an Aussie boy here, Kristian from the Central Cost. Big charger!!!... Good to have him around!!...

Check out some of the pics below!!...

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Well unfortunately my time has come to an end in Brazil.
I have spent the last 3 months here and it has been absolutely Awesome!...

Magno and I made the decision we would head to Tahiti before going to Australia to get some training and footage done before Shark Island.

This famous place is home to one of the craziest and most beautiful perfect waves in the world!...

In 9 hours from now, we will be taking off via LAN Chile on a long flight via Santiago to Tahiti!...
Cannot wait to get to this Paradise!...

Talk to you all from there!!

Drive Home From Guaruja

We chilled at the beach during the day and at 1pm we were on our way home back to the City of Sao Paulo.
Stopped at a bride and took some cool photos...
Also took some shots on the way driving home...

Awesome cloud pattern in the sky

The most polluted city in latin america - Cubatao
There is this crazy haze within this place that is rediculous!!
Tunnel Shot

Look, Over There!!!

Magno & Adilson
Adilson & I
Bridge and Roadway through the mountain!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Guaruja At Night!

We were invited by Adilson to his apartment in Guaruja which is located near the beach 2 hours from Sao Paulo city.
We arrived at the beach and stopped off at a kiosk and had a few Caipirinhas whilst Magno Surfed. Some Camarao and Caipirinhas later and we were ready to head to the apartment.

We relaxed a little, played some music and cooked a Churrasco!...Then we sat down to watch the famous Tropa De Elite!..
Awesome movie, you guys need to check it out if you havnt seen it. Its about the Hills in Rio Brazil!...

Here are some photos from a lookout from one of the beaches at night just after we left to head home!...

Just something creative that i like as the palm tree stands out!
They even have Maccas here!!.. lol!