Friday, August 29, 2008

Leaving Sao Paulo, Heading to Rio De Janeiro!

Well my time in Brazil has almost come to an end!...

Today im jumping on another bus for 5 hours to head to Rio De Janeiro where i meet up with my Uzmi Brother Santiago and the rest of the Crew i met in Hawaii in Rio!.. I will be spending 4 days there and it will be where i fly out from back home via Miami and LA.

Sad times but its been great!!....
Update you all once i get to Rio!!!...


Sintra Portugal Pro

Currently running is the next stop on the IBA world Tour.
The Sintra Portugal Pro is on and we have seen some awesome action in this small wave event.
It is currently the longest running event on the World Tour and also so far the highest for Prize Money.

Magno Oliveira and the other Uzmi Boys competed yesterday as well as the top 16.
Magno Won his heat against Silvano Lourenco, Mark McCarthy and Paulo Barcellos. He now advances to the quarter finals.

Uri Valadao, Guilherme Tamega, Amaurey, Pierre, Benny Player, Dave Winchester and the ledgend Mike Stewart also advanced to the quarter finals.

Ryan Hardy had the outstanding performance of the day with an almost perfect 19 points out of 20.
Congratulations to Ryan.

Good luck to Magno tomorrow!!..We will be watching!!!

Check out the heat draw below and make sure you are all watching the live action at:

Friday, August 22, 2008

In Search For Some Quality Waves

In Guarapari, the boys are hanging out.
Magno is preparing and training for the Europe leg and we are in need of some quality waves.

This month seems to be the month of WIND, WIND, WIND, WIND AND WIND!!...
Strong gale force winds are tearing through the ocean and it is hard to find some quality waves.

usually though early in the morning its ok to surf. Once 10am turns its time to do something else!..

Some photos searching for some waves.

Magno and I also went for a surf the other day. We decided to ride the push bikes. 15 kilometers later there we arrived. And we did it in great time. Less than 25 minutes!.. Coming back was a different story!.. Windy with our board bags, pretty much riding and going backwards!!.. Took almost double the time, stress on the leg muscles but what an exercise it was!!.. Couldn't of felt better!!


Mike Stewart organised the first showing of his Premiere in Arica, Chile.
Arica is a small place but we packed in this little bar for the first EVER showing of his 10 year anticipated film.

It was shown after the championship had concluded at 9pm.
Mike and I sorted things out and we were stressed and running late as we needed some supplies to make it happen.

I set up the venue and we did a quick sound check with some winning footage of Tamega and then it was time for us to lay down the rules and press the play button.

Many World Class riders turned up to the venue and everyone loved the film.


Congratulations Mike on a unbelievable film and journey throughout the years of your life!!..


Arica Lifestyle Photos!!

I managed to get to Brazil and all is good!!...
Magno and I stayed in Sao Paulo for 2 days and i was to go down south with Jay and Luis to his home.
Unfortunately i had to stay in Sao Paulo for a few meetings and couldnt justify travelling 10 hours on the bus for 2 days down south and then 30 back to ES!..

I am now in Guarapari, where everything is good. Met back up with the Uzmininuz and rocking ES!..

Here are some photos from my second last day in Arica.
I asked Pierre and Jake if they wanted to come to the top of the mountain to check out the view of Arica city.
So we negotiated a taxi and up we went.

Check em out below!... Such an Amazing View!..

El Gringo, Where the Bodyboarding competition was held

Arica Port
Pierre Too Close to the Edge!!
Beautiful View

Rough Seas
Rough Seas 2.?
El Gringo Bay
Jake and His Weak Legs
Windy and Totally Enjoying the Rush!

Bird Flying Through
Myself and The Christ Statue
Pierre taking this one!
Set the Timer, Run the Distance, Then Strike The Pose!
Bit Of Art Photography
Arica City View
Arica City View and Ocean

Other Side Of The Mountain

Houses in Arica

Monday, August 11, 2008

Now in Santiago Airport Waiting to Fly!

Well my time has come to an end in Chile.

I caught a flight this morning at 7am from Arica airport to Santiago. Took around 3 hours and was pretty good.
We stopped somewhere in the desert to refuel and there was some amazing scenery as we flew in.

Magno bussed it all the way from Arica to Santiago and enjoyed his 30 hour ride.

We are now sitting in Santiago airport waiting for our flight to depart at 2:15pm to Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Next stop: BRAZIL!!

Tamega wins Arica Chilean Challenge

Photo: IBA

The monster GT won the Arica Chilean Challenge for 2008.
He took out the final against Jeff Hubbard to which 2 years ago was the same final but Jeff won. So this was the revenge win after 2 years.

Magno Oliveira finished in 5th place and surfed very well throughout the whole competition.

Congratulations to Pierre and Winny for 3rd place and to all other riders!...

Thanks for a great film. Very amazing and i wish you luck with it for the future!..

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Arica Chilean Challenge - Tag Team Challenge

Arica Chilean Challenge - Tag Team Challenge.
Featuring the following countries.

Australia, Brazil, Canary Islands, Chile, Europe, Hawaii, Portugal and South Africa.

Arica Chilean Challenge - Tag Team Challenge from Rhyees W on Vimeo.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Arica Chilean Challenge - Round 2

The second installment from the Arica Chilean Challenge. Round 2 Highlights.

Arica Chilean Challenge - Round 2 from Rhyees W on Vimeo.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Arica Chilean Challenge - Round 1

Arica Chilean Challenge Round 1 Highlights Video i just finished.

Arica Chilean Challenge - Round 1 from Rhyees W on Vimeo.