Friday, August 22, 2008

In Search For Some Quality Waves

In Guarapari, the boys are hanging out.
Magno is preparing and training for the Europe leg and we are in need of some quality waves.

This month seems to be the month of WIND, WIND, WIND, WIND AND WIND!!...
Strong gale force winds are tearing through the ocean and it is hard to find some quality waves.

usually though early in the morning its ok to surf. Once 10am turns its time to do something else!..

Some photos searching for some waves.

Magno and I also went for a surf the other day. We decided to ride the push bikes. 15 kilometers later there we arrived. And we did it in great time. Less than 25 minutes!.. Coming back was a different story!.. Windy with our board bags, pretty much riding and going backwards!!.. Took almost double the time, stress on the leg muscles but what an exercise it was!!.. Couldn't of felt better!!

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