Thursday, January 15, 2009

Booked and Ready to Rock!

Im so Happy right now!!..

Yesterday i booked my ticket for Hawaii!.
I'm heading over to cover the IBA Turbo Pipeline Pro and hang out with everyone!
Make sure you keep checking back on the blog for updates whilst im over there!. The Daily updates will come!

Hawaii Here i Come!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Gustavo!!

Just wishing Gus a sweet Happy Birthday Brother!!!

Hope you have a great one and enjoy my friend!!!

Muito Grande Abracaos!!


Mega Hits

I noticed Recently that Terry McKenna put back up my 2008 IBA Pipeline Pro video that i made for Youtube.
It hasnt even been a year yet and i have now reached over 30,000 unique views which i think is awesome!..

My Arica, Chile videos combined have reached over 19,800 within 5 months. Im pretty stoked that my work is being viewed worldwide within the bodyboarding community!

Incase you havnt seen it, check it out below! pretty old editing skills which have now been polished! hahaha

Worldwide XXL Swells!

Recently i have been constantly on the watch with the swells around the world.
It's interesting to see that it can be flat here on the east side of Aus but pumping on the West and Ridiculously out of control in Hawaii!..

There is a major swell due to hit Hawaii this week and hopefully if the wind holds out the Eddie might run!... Too bad im stuck in aus to get there if it does!..

Check out West Ireland. Surfline is talking out of control 80ft + waves!!.. That is way too insane.

Below is a chart courtesy of surfline of the world swell map!.. Interesting.
Maybe Shipsterns might be pumping!..?

Sussex Inlet

Dad took myself and my 3 sisters down to Sussex Inlet for 4 days to visit my Uncle and Grandma whilst Mum had some downtime chilling at home.

We had a great time, fishing alot, i caught 3 fish, both the snapper and the whiting were undersized so they went back in the drink and the flathead i lost at the boat.
Myanna caught a nice Brim which was cool..

We met some of our 2nd cousins for the first time and it was great to hang out and have some fun.

Thanks to Uncle Lee and Grandma for the hospitality and laughs!!!

The fishing stories are amazing!!

Congratulations to Magno and Katherine!


For Magno its a new milestone. He has become a Father to the most beautiful baby boy!!

I want to congratulate Magno and Kate for the birth of their child Arthur!.. The soon king of Bodyboarding from Brazil!.. :D

Happy New Year! - Feliz Ano Novo!!

Firstly Happy New Year to everyone!..
Hope you all had an awesome time!!...

I spent New Years Eve with my Family, Chris and Jay on a Catamaran on Sydney Harbour!..
We were about 500m away from the Harbour Bridge and it was awesome!...

Check out the shots i took from the boat!.

Finally i have got some time to update my blog.