Monday, May 26, 2008

Rio BB Pro, Itacaotiara Day One

Today was the opening day of the Rio BB Pro here in Itacaotiara, RJ.

The waves were in the 8-10ft range and the wind was slightly onshore.
Competitors turned up and checked in by 8am and were ready to hit the water.

Organised by Uzmi Unit, the Rio BB Pro was underway and competition was at its finest.
It was tough to surf in these waves. The current was very strong, the waves were bumpy and most of all Heavy!!..

Check out some of the photos from todays action after the results.

** Results for Day One of the Rio BB Pro **

- ROUND 1 -

HEAT 1 Felipe Perusin (1) - 5,5
Felipe Mendes (2) - 4,0
Augusto Jorge (3) - 2,0

Abner Scoppetta(SP) (1) - 13,5
Aurélio Marques (2) - 7,5
Jorge Antonio (3) - 2,0

Diego Silva (1) - 11,5
J-Urdan (2) - 10,5
Gabriel Zaccaro (3) - 10,0

André Guaraná (1) - 11,0
Leonardo Leite (2) - 10,0
Marcos Prado (3) - 6,0

Magno Oliveira (1) - 13,0
Hermano Castro (2) - 8,0
Eric Perp (3) - 4,5

Giu Lara (1) - 8,83
Felipe Montenegro (2) - 7,0
Santiago Tobar (3) - 3,5

Gugu Barcelos (1) - 8,0
Saulo Lamounier (2) - 6,0
Alexandre Martins (3) - 2,5

Carlos Eduardo (1) - 14,33
Guilherme Correa (2) - 10,5
José Otávio (3) - 10,17

- ROUND 2 -

Jorge Antonio (1) - 12,5
Felipe Mendes (2) - 4,0

Augusto Jorge (1) - 8,50
Aurélio Marques (2) - 6,33

J-Urdan (1) - 9,67
Marcos Prado (2) - 1,0

Gabriel Zaccaro (1) - 10,33
Leonardo Leite (2) - 4,83

Hermano Castro (1) - 6,5
Santiago Tobar (2) - 2,17

Eric Perp (1) - 10,83
Felipe Montenegro (2) - 1,83

José Otávio (1) - 12,83
Saulo Lamounier (2) - 3,0

Guilherme Correa (1) - 10,5
Alexandre Martins (2) - 7,5

Todays Action!

10 Point Ride - Nice heavy Barrel

Air Reverse @ Itacaotiara
Magno pulling a Nice Invert
Hermano Castro rolling his way to the Second Round
The Uzmi Unit Hat being passed around!

Guilherme Correa heading into a huge heavy cave!
Uzmi Unit!!
The Hat passed around again!
Santiago Tobar - aka Mr Pig!!
Felipe Inverting to his Heat Victory
Bomb Set
Jose Otavio Dropping In
Otavio Air Reverse
Airplane swimming across the afternoon sky!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Flamengo Victorious @ Maracana!

Last night we were invited to goto a Flamengo Soccer game at Maracana Stadium whilst in Rio.

Flamengo is the most supported team here in Brazil and the fans go absolutely crazy.
The cheer squad known as the "Flamengista" bang on drums, sing and chant, light up flares and fireworks and wave their giant flags proudly!..
They say that the fanbase that turns up to the games is roughly 80,000 people. It's like an FA cup or World cup.

It wasnt the biggest game apparently, but the atmosphere was absolutely insane.
We arrived and the crowds were pouring in, had to wait in the squashed lines full of people to get our tickets.

We got therem and away we went. Arrived into the stadium and the other team scored. But it wasnt long until Flamengo came back to score a goal. In the second half they scored again and the final score ended up being:

Flamengo 2 - Internacional 1

We then headed off for a pizza and called it a night.

It was awesome.
I took a stack of video footage but i have not downloaded it yet so check out the pics!!..

This one is for Gugu!!!!... VIVA FLAMENGO, CAMPEAO!!!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Relaxing In Rio!

Magno, Miojo and I are here in Rio De Janeiro hanging out surfing a swell and waiting for a contest to start.

Uzmi Unit is running a contest here in Rio at the infamous Big Wave Beach, Itacaotiara. We decided to jump on a bus in Espirito Santo on Wednesday night at 9:30pm. The bus left at 10pm and we spent the night travelling to rio on a 6 and a half hour trip down to Niteroi.

Itacaotiara is known to provide the big swells and send Huge Waves into this Beachbreak.
This place is absolutely beautiful. You can see from the photos!
Nice big house on the cliff face of the ocean!

We are here staying with an Uzmi Boy, Jose Otavio. One of the crew from the Hawaii tour and hopefully coming down under to Aus to hang out for the Shark Island Challenge.

Many thanks to Jose and his family for letting us stay here whilst we are here.

Magno and Miojo are waiting for the call for the contest to start which is forecasted for a start on Sunday.
Uzmi Boys, Hermano, Pex and Santiago have an association here in Rio called the Rio BB Pro which caters for the top 32 riders in Rio. These guys have been running the tour for the last 2 years and its following is growing.

Good luck guys for a smooth contest.

Yesterday the boys surfed some awesome waves. The swell increased and the heaviness increased as the tide rose late afternoon. I managed to capture some great video footage.

Today we were up at the crack of dawn for some good waves.
We rocked up at the beach at sunrise and as you can see below, the sun was rising but the moon was still clearly out.
Provided an awesome photo!..

Solid sets were pumping through in the morning and it slowed down as the day progressed. People were all over the beach and the girls were out consuming the sun!

All in all we had a great day.
Met up with Santiago, Julia, Hermano, Felipe, Victor and crew which was the first time since ive seen them since Hawaii!...

Early Morning Barrels
Tiago dropping in on 2 Surfers at Pump!
Jose Otavio carving it up!
Miojo Showing the Carioca's how to surf!
A CLASSIC sequence of how not to go "Over The Falls!"

Nice Texture in this wave whilst Magno is Ripping!

Miojo Scoring a nice Big Barrel!
Beautiful Scenery
"Beautiful Barrel!!"