Sunday, May 11, 2008

Local Futebol in ES!!

May 8

Still not much happening in the ocean, but here is attempt 2 photographing night 2 of the Crescent moon.

Also, every Thursday Magno's brothers and friends get together for some games of soccer.
Local field owned by the hotel around the corner.

Fun night, lots of rivalry between Magno and I. At one stage we were both Goal Keepers and were yelling at eachother from each end of the field.
I think we were a little loud!!.. His mum could hear us from the house!..

My flash ran out of batteries so things are a little blurry but a great attempt from up an coming Klauss Lemos
Shot on my Canon 5D

Magno letting us know everything is sweet and they are 1 goal in front
5 seconds later, the ball is in the back of the net in the top right!... Sorry Buddy!

The Rivalry!!! 

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