Sunday, May 11, 2008

In Search For Rasas!

May 2

Well, This morning we had the urge to go looking for this wave.
So Magno went down to the beach to talk to his friend to grab his fishing boat.

We were in luck!...
We called the boys and we al met down at the boat to get ready to search for this wave.

The fishermen here say they have seen this wave which is next to an non-inhabited island 16kms out to sea.
They have seen this wave so big that they keep describing to us that cars can fit inside the barrels.
Magno's eyes light up when he hears this stuff!!...

The wave is called Rasas which translates into English "Swallow".
We grabbed our supplies and we were off. Got some ice, fishing rods, food and the boards and camera gear.

This boat is only 18 Horsepower, so it was going to take us a while. But we had some music, eachother and the water to relax on!.
2 hours later we arrived but unfortunately the swell and wind wasnt on our side. There were some barrels but the wind was onshore causing them to crumble.
The swell wasnt hitting the island in the right direction for the wave to break perfectly. So the boys surfed anyways, we fished and managed to catch about 30 fish.

The water was perfect electric blue in colour and crystal clear.
We spent the whole day out there hanging out, swimming, fishing, surfing and then we were on our way home around 4:30.

We were greeted with a nice sunset from the water but there were some clouds around.
Didn't snap any photos through the day because of the salt air ready to howl into the camera but i took video instead.

Here are the photos from the sunset 10kms out on the way home!...

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