Friday, February 22, 2008


What a crazy final day of the IBA Pipeline Pro!!...

Unfortunately in Day 2, we saw many of the Brazilians knocked out only just in the last minutes of their heats.
But we still had the Uzmi boys who are in the top 32 to come.

Magno unfortunately didnt have luck on his side in his heat.
He surfed well but unfortunately the waves just did not come.

Luis went through towards the semis but was Eliminated.

We saw GT go through to the semis but was also knocked out

This left 2 Brazilians, Paulo Barcellos and Uri Valadao to complete the job.

They both went through to the final along side defending Pipe Champ Jeff Hubbard and Hugo Pinero of Portugal.

Paulo came through with Victory with a HUGE score of 9.25 on his main wave...

He always said to me, watch me i am going to dominate Pipeline!!.. the 34yr old still has it in him to do so!!!



IBA Day 1 @ Pipeline!


The Brazilian boys were on FIRE today...Ripping it up scoring big waves.
Many of the guys were entering the Pipe comp for the first time.

Brazilian Erisberto scored the first and only 10 of the day with an incredible wave!.

Hermano Ripped through his heat in 1st place with some quality wave scores!!...

I Was filming alot and took only a few pics.

Day 2 is coming!

Hanauma Bay & Coco Head!

Today we decided to head down south towards Waikiki.
We planned because of the beautiful sunny day to head to Hanauma Bay.
For those that dont know what it is, it is one of the best Reef's in the world. Lots of marine life and it is conserved by the Hawaiian parks, marine and wildlife organisations.
It is also one of the biggest attractions in Hawaii.

So it was a must to goto!

We went snorkeling for a few hours and saw some unbelievable marine life!!..
Swam with 2 Sea Turtles and i went to take the video camera out in the housing and i got in the water and i found water inside the camera. Luckily nothing got damaged but its all fixed now!!.. 1 Piece of sand can do it all!!


In the Mustang heading to Coco Head!!..


Now this is CRAZY!
It is something that only many locals know about.

Its an extinct Volcano with a no longer used railroad track to the top.
So it is not a man made track. over the years it has formed to steps and people now use this as an intense form of exercise.
Pretty high up and after the rail bridge it becomes about a 70 degrees incline!

I carried my whole camera backpack up this thing which weighed in around 8-10kgs...
What an endurance workout it was for me....

Now this is only the start of the road...And look how steep it is!!

BUT when we finally got to the top.. It was the most AMAZING VIEW EVER!!... Unfortunately the clouds were around so we didnt get a perfect sunset but it was still amazing!!!....

We were last to leave the top after sunset, the moon was out and it was dark walking back down. The light from the baseball field gave us a way down. Was an unbelievable experience and a hard workout!!..

Overall over 2000 steps!!!