Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Beauty Barreling By!

Well today was absolutely crazy waves. Perfect conditions in the morning until around 3pm. Then the wind started to change but around 5pm it was back to normal again!...

All day i filmed and photographed and captured some awesome stuff. Pics to come later.

I went back to Magno's place and recharged my camera battery and we had a chat.
After finally convincing me, it was time to experience Pipeline from the water this time.

I was very nervous, even though it was only like 6-8ft in the afternoon, having these Heavy waves roll in in no less than a meter of water does get scary. Nowhere to go when they land on your head!. Good thing that there is a channel.

So it was time, camera came off the charge and housing was prepared.
It was GO TIME!!... We walked along the beach to Pipe seeing these crazy barrels rolling in to the crowd.

I swam out with the housing and Magno paddled out with his board. He instructed me on where to stay and what to watch.

I was amazed and dazed at what i was seeing.
UNBELIEVABLE waves barreling in front of my eyes!...
It was like something you would see of a full professional Jack McCoy film. Beautiful colours and awesome waves.

It rained whilst i was out there as well, which calmed down the weather and it became Beautiful!.

I managed to get some great shots for my first time, i stayed further out towards the channel and used the zoom until i became more confident then i moved in a little. A little shaky but very happy with what i captured.

I stayed out in the water filming until the sun fell. Watched a beautiful sunset whilst watching Barrels that were perfect in texture and colour rolling in.

i just finished editing a video. Hope you like it!

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shazaroonies said...

Hey Weesy woos! Just had more time to check out ur blog, and i just want to say its awesome! Just checked out the film too! Doing a greta job and we miss you,have to get down to the rissole when u come home for a drinky poos with weesy woo! Lol. Love you xx luv Shaz xx