Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Relaxing Uzmi Style @ Pupukea!

Feb 3

We have had such bad weather over the last few days.


Boys surfed a little and then we just all chilled out.
Not much to say really.

A BBQ was planned for later on at the Uzmi house in Pupukea.
Went with Paulo, Jeffinho, Aline & Tais to Foodland to grab some supplies.
Once we were done with that we headed up the top of the hill and all the guys hopped out and i took Paulo's car back down the mountain to pick up the next crew.

Magno, justin, Mark & Wes were next. Back to Foodland to get the last lot of supplies and we were off.
Back up the hill, relaxing, checking out the sites and it stopped raining for a little.

Arrived to find a few of the guys relaxing Uzmi style in the Jaccuzi!. Nice!!!...

More people arrived and then it was time to start the BBQ.

I was the chef again tonight, Erisberto did the marinating and i cooked the BBQ until my eyes were smoked out from the coals and then Magno took over.

Magno & I started this baby up!.

So annoying trying to cook a coal BBQ and then it starts pouring down with rain in the angle that it starts to put out the coals..
Arrghh..But we kept it going.

There was So much food it wasnt funny. Suprisingly, everyone was full.

Then i had a break and jumped in the olympic style luxury pool and the Jacuzzi. Great times.

clau, Julia, Santiago, Felipe, Hermano & Henrique arrived a little later. Back to the BBQ. Cooked them some steak and hamburger patties and then Santiago and I teamed up to marinate a fresh fish. Turned out alright!..

Big Welcome to Uri who flew in 2 days ago!!...

By this time it was almost 12, got a lift home and straight to sleep!...

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