Friday, February 1, 2008

Pearl Harbour!

WOW!.. What an Experience and a piece of History i have visited.

So many photos, 485 i took at this place...So Much to take in.
First of all when we arrived we had to wait an hour and a half to take the memorial tour which consisted of a short film about Pearl Harbour and then a boat tour to the memorial. I learnt alot about this in History back in year 9 & 10, some time ago. But this was an awesome experience to regain knowledge from.

Many pics below, everything is self explanitary so enjoy!.

Beautiful Painting in the Entry Foyer
The 2 Couples!!

Map of Oahu

Model ship, Incredible Detail!
Japanese Aircraft Carrier Model Ship

SAY NO MORE!!!... Hahaha
Docking up to the USS Arizona Memorial
The Original USS Arizona
Whats left of the mast
Beautiful plaque
Underneath the memorial, middle of the ship
Sun is Shining
Bow of the USS Arizona, Background is current US Navy Ship

Fish swimming around the remains of the USS Arizona
The memorial for all of those who perished in Pearl Harbour

so many sets of Brothers were lost aboard USS Arizona. 

Alone in the Memorial

We were accompanied by rain whilst on the Memorial, Captured a nice Rainbow
Last one to leave

POURING RAIN!!... Decided to come through the side of the Uzmi..hahaha
The 2 Men in front of the USS Arizona Anchor
USS Arizona in the background with the American Flag
USS Bowfin
Inside a Sub
OH NO, Santiago is at it!

It's DANGEROUS to give the girls the hands of fire power. Who knows what damage they can do!
1 cent coin machine turns into a custom Pearl Harbour keep sake coin.
Turn the handle a few times and it etches into the coin

Hermano and his golden Mojo!

We all had a great time at Pearl Harbour. Spent many hours there and then went off to Wal Mart on the way home to do some shopping and then to the Ross store for the girls to shop crazy!!..

Got home late and had an awesome day!

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