Monday, February 11, 2008

Carnivale in Hawaii!

Feb 5

Even know your not in Brazil Carnivale is still all around the world. Brazilians are everywhere!!..Hahaha

Carnivale is currently on in Brazil and im sure everyone is partying like crazy!.

Linda mentioned to Me that there was a party on downtown, being the Carnivale and it would be heaps of fun.
So we had no plans for the night, i talked to the other Uzmi crew and everyone was down for a party on Saturday night!..

I experienced my first Mini Carnivale here in Hawaii and i had an absolute ball!..

The Group, Rhyees, Julia, Aline, Santiago, Clau, Henrique, Noah & Felipe

The 2 boys!!.. Rhyees & Santiago

So, we got ready and next minute we were off!...
Felipe drove the Uzmi Bus downtown and I mixed the drinks in the manmade bar in the back for everyone else!!..

Redbull & Vodka it was!.

We arrived just in time to the parade about to start.

Julia & Rhyees

Aline & Rhyees

Rhyees gets passed the Security!

The Brazilian Gang! CXlau, Julia & Santiago


Had some great fun through the night with some great music playing!...Met some awesome people as well...

Croc Style in the middle with the 2 Girls!..

The guy with the rubber ducky around his waste is a Brazilian surfer. Best costume award on stage!!..

I Organised this photo. Julia said it reminds her of Mclovin' out of Superbad!..hahaha

We then went to a club and had some fun. Didnt stay for long as it was getting late and we had to drive over an hour home.

Bouncers @ The club with the girls

Felipe and Vinny!

Few were hungry and we were in search of something open at the early hours of the morning.

We found a Maccas but it had just closed. With some sweet talking the re-opened just for us and closed the doors.
VIP Maccas im tellin you!... Pics talk for themselves!!..

Crazy here, Mc Chickens are $1, Double Cheeseburgers are $1... they have this Dollar Menu...Crazy..But no more maccas for me. Gotta keep eating healthy!!.. :D


Henrique had a bit too much to drink and ended up on top of the roof!!!!....

Had a great night..

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