Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Feast @ the Uzmi House

Feb 2.

The day was great. Got some filming done @ Rocky Point. Once again we are in drought of some big swell. Small waves here at the moment. AGAIN!. All the boys surfed, Sun came out a little but has been pretty overcast.
Filmed the whole day and then came home late afternoon as it started to rain.

I was about to cook a real late lunch for a small bunch of us but then all of a sudden it was decided we'd do a big feast for dinner.
I was at it, i think i found a new hobbie...Cooking.. Yes i know Mum, very weird hey but i'm starting to enjoy it!..Hahahaha

So anyways, i started to marinate the chicken, more people turned up and ended up cooking for a total of 12. Was awesome.

Made a HUGE Ceasar Salad, Baked Potatoes & A Secret Marinated Rhyees style Grilled Chicken.
Turned out awesome, everyone loved it.

Then on top of that the boys went and grabbed some meat and we had a Brazilian style BBQ before hand as a starter..YUM!

And then on top of that!, Julia and Clau cooked an UNBELIVABLE chocolate cake. SOOOO NICE, as you can see i did enjoy it..Hahaha

So did everyone else.

They boys also had a small FIFA 07 Tournament.

It was a pretty fun night!!!.

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