Friday, February 22, 2008

Media Takes Time Out For Science

Today we were greeted by an Aussie guy who wanted to interview the Science Bodyboarding Team.

It was setup in Mike's backyard and i decided to take a few photos for reference.

Check them out below.

Magno is Being Interviewed. His English speaking is very good now. Awesome Brother!

The Boys are real Eager for a surf, Had some friends of Mike drop by to Check it out and join the session!!

Mark getting ready for his Interview. Chilled out South African man he is!!
Magno is now very happy that it is over and he can hit the surf!!!

Bring on Pipeline he says with his expression

Young 15yr old Tom Rigby from the Gold Coast is being interviewed. Big future ahead of this kid!

We were then greeted once again with a Beautiful sunset from Mikes Backyard!!.. Check it out!

After Sunset Dusk shot of Pipeline PERFECT!

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