Monday, July 28, 2008


The Brand created by the boys has finally been manufactured and arrived.

What does the brand mean and stand for.?
Uzmi translating to "The Boys" and Unit translating "Together or Family" signifies a unique family between everyone!.

Check out the hats below, there are 5 designs.
They can be purchased off the blog just by emailing me at, at Emerald Surf Shop in Cronulla, Australia or in Rio, Brazil at the next Rio BB Pro contest.

All hats are 100 % Cotton and are a fitted design with straight brim.
Sizes are:

7' - 56cm
7 1/4' - 58cm
7 1/2' - 60cm

We also have T-shirts available soon and Hoodies coming as well so stay updated for our unveiling of the Uzmi Unit Product Line!.



Arican Menu Complete In 30 Minutes!

Today was a slightly smaller day but 6-8ft Heavies still coming through!..

Magno outsurfed anyone i know and to this day he surfed the best i have seen him surf in person.
He was unbelievable..

He completed pretty much every maneuver known to the bodyboarder in style and did it within 30 minutes of filming!..

No one else found the waves he did. He said to me "Today was my day, i found the waves i needed to find and it felt great!"

The Aussie crew also rocked up this morning after flying in from Australia via Santiago.
Benny Player, Mitch Rawlins, John Showell and Brad Hughes jumped in the water straight away to some great waves as well!

Check out the frames of Magno ripping below from the filming today!.

HUGE Invert From Magnito!
Forward Spin
Another Invert
Big Barrel
Another One
Reverse Air
Nice Imagery
Brad Huges Barrel
Mitch Rawlins Barrel
Mitch Rawlins
Brad Hughes Big Spit
Ben Player Barrel!

Bombs Of Arica!

Yesterday was a sick day in Arica.
The early hours of the morning were pumping!...

Magno was the only one out at 7am until around 8:30 because it was Big and Gnarly!!..
Probably around 8-10ft it was certainly pumping yet so dangerous with these bombs breaking close to the rocks.

I filmed most of the morning but captured some photos as well.

Crazy Left Onto The Rocks!
Dead Winds, Perfection!

Would You Go.?

View From the Lighthouse

Tens Of Thousands Of Birds Along The Ocean!

Tow In Wave 250m Out
Air Drop!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Arica Forecast For The Week

We are in for some big waves!!!!.. Stay posted!!

Arica Frames

Here are some footage frames from the Arica session this morning.

First Look At Arica, Chile

Our first look at Arica this morning.

We arrived around 6:30am to 6ft waves.
It was REALLY COLD!!...

Tomorrow should be double in size as the forecast says!..