Saturday, July 26, 2008

34 Hours Through The Desert!

Well we arrived in at Santiago airport at 7pm after a 10 hour plane trip via easter island and we were then due for a 34 hour bus ride.

So Magno and I lugged around the city of Santiago to find the Bus terminal and we negotiated with the guys for a good deal.
We secured our 3 seats to Arica and were in for a long haul. We were told it was a nice 2 story bus, included 4 meals and was comfortable.

I said to Magno, lets wait and see!...

So we had to wait 3 hours for the bus to arrive. We found a foodcourt in a shopping centre and chilled out there. Got something to eat and managed to hack into a wireless network and cal the families on skype and do the emails!...
Was a nice place and we stayed until it was closed. We were the last ones to leave!!

The Uzmi Boys Luggage
Shopping Centre

Anyways, we get on the bus and the fricken driver said we had too many bags so we had to give him some small extra cash in the pocket to get the bags on the bus. Pfff, they love to make money.
Anyways we get on, bus is ok, has the reclining chairs which is good and away we go.

Now heading from Santiago to Arica is nothing but desert. So it got kinda boring looking at Dust, Rocks and Desert for 34 Hours!..
Overnight it got cold, probably to around 13-14 degrees. Turns out the Heating for the bus was broken. Just the start!!!...

So Jay went to goto the toilet and turns out there is no toilet paper either...
The first meal arrived. A pack of biscuits and a tea.
We then stopped for lunch and had a pretty nice meal. Fish with rice and salad.

From there, we didnt receive anything else..
The next day i noticed we had a pretty large crack in the windscreen so i dont know what happened there overnight.
At 1:30am a day later we were kicked off the bus and told to get onto another one even older. How nice!...

Jay kept saying, we are locked in a capsule and were not allowed out!.. hahaha.
Jay locked in his Capsule

We were only given 4 times to get out and stretch.

We are now here in Arica and we settled into our Hostel and then went to check out the beach and Magno surfed.
6ft waves which were sick and heavy. Tomorrow is ment to double to 12-14ft!.

34 Hours later, probably slept 8-10 hours and im now here!!...

Check out some desert pics below!

We saw some Green!!

Business Class, Front Row!
Jay with his fix of Coke!

The Boys!

Managed to Capture this as we were driving at 100 kph

Would you stay at this hotel.? Looks like something out of the Chainsaw Massacre!

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