Saturday, July 26, 2008

Home And Away - Not The Soap Opera!!

Well i had a huge delay in updating the blog until now.

I finally arrived home after 6 months of travel and all went well.
It was great to see the family again and hang out with some of the people i missed.

There are still so many that i didnt get to catch up with and i will do so when i get back again!...
I am very sorry if i was unable to catch up.

Arriving back home was gnarly!.. The Sydney life was suddenly very fast for me.
There were bills to pay, people to look after, a contest to film and cold water to jump into and family to see.

The Shark Island Challenge was on and we had a great time with some international riders!.
Congrats to Benny P Again for the win and also to Mark McCarthy for the 3rd place and 1st place at Avalon!..
Magno came 9th and also came 5th in the local Avalon Contest!!... Nice one Brother!!

I was only home as well for a short amount of time and now i'm off again.

First off was back to Tahiti for 10 days to hang out.

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