Saturday, July 26, 2008

Teahupoo, Tahiti - Part 2

Magno, Myself and Jamin took off together on our trip to Tahiti. We arrived in Tahiti to a small swell which was a little unfortunate. We also were held up in customs and were the last ones out. Don't know why but that was fun. French police questioning us!.. Anyways we managed to get to Teahupoo that night at 1am and we were sorted.

We were greeted with rain for the first day and then the waves were on the slight increase.
A small swell came through around 4 feet which was fun but there was a crazy crowd of like 30 people which was weird.
The boys surfed and i took some footage and all was good. Jay had his point and shoot camera out there with a small housing and we all captured some great stuff!....

Below is some photos from our second trip to Teahupoo!

Magno, Ludo & Myself walked 2 hours into the valley.

Teahupoo Stars at Night

Another Beautiful Sunset in Paradise!

Lillies in the river leading to the Ocean Behind Me!

The Locals Fishing for a living

This thing Jay and I found when we went walking around Papeete!.. Some Mega yatch moored at the Papeete marina!

I'm Gathering it is owned by some Billionaire, think we saw him in customs with all his crew. Going to research this boat and find out more info about it. Enjoy!

Teahupoo Mountains from the Point

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