Friday, February 1, 2008

From Log Cabbins to Off The Wall to Pipe!

Jan 27.
Woke up and there were a few places with waves.
Santiago, Julia & Clau finally were able to join us here in Hawaii. So Uzmi is now even bigger and even stronger!!!..
We checked Jockos, Log Cabbins, Rocky Point, Off The Wall and a few other spots in the morning. Stopped at Log Cabbins for a little bit and watched the surf. Took a few photos.

My favourite one is the shorebreak warning sign. I love the colours in this photo. The sun was shining, the sky was blue and i captured it all!.

Nice archway of trees. Great shots of Magno, Santiago & Julia.

Thanks to Duda, i now have a liking for stickers on signposts. I think it makes great art and imagery.

I ended up going with Magno & Duda to Backdoor and we shot some footage in the water. Got some great stuff to work with for the film.
Since the waves were kinda small, Duda and I Played around with our cameras and this is what happened...

Then headed back to Magno's place and relaxed for a little.

It was on for the night. Party at Paulo's house, located behind the famous Volcom House. Had a great BBQ and met some great people. Uzmi all had fun.
The Iconic Croc Shoes came out for a play and had a photo with a few of the Uzmi Girls. Was funny.
Few conversations, a few beers, a few steaks and chicken breasts later and it was time for us all to go home.


The Boys

Clau & Felipe

Santiago with the Croc Shoes!!

Thanks for the BBQ Old PB!

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