Sunday, May 25, 2008

Flamengo Victorious @ Maracana!

Last night we were invited to goto a Flamengo Soccer game at Maracana Stadium whilst in Rio.

Flamengo is the most supported team here in Brazil and the fans go absolutely crazy.
The cheer squad known as the "Flamengista" bang on drums, sing and chant, light up flares and fireworks and wave their giant flags proudly!..
They say that the fanbase that turns up to the games is roughly 80,000 people. It's like an FA cup or World cup.

It wasnt the biggest game apparently, but the atmosphere was absolutely insane.
We arrived and the crowds were pouring in, had to wait in the squashed lines full of people to get our tickets.

We got therem and away we went. Arrived into the stadium and the other team scored. But it wasnt long until Flamengo came back to score a goal. In the second half they scored again and the final score ended up being:

Flamengo 2 - Internacional 1

We then headed off for a pizza and called it a night.

It was awesome.
I took a stack of video footage but i have not downloaded it yet so check out the pics!!..

This one is for Gugu!!!!... VIVA FLAMENGO, CAMPEAO!!!!

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