Friday, August 22, 2008

Arica Lifestyle Photos!!

I managed to get to Brazil and all is good!!...
Magno and I stayed in Sao Paulo for 2 days and i was to go down south with Jay and Luis to his home.
Unfortunately i had to stay in Sao Paulo for a few meetings and couldnt justify travelling 10 hours on the bus for 2 days down south and then 30 back to ES!..

I am now in Guarapari, where everything is good. Met back up with the Uzmininuz and rocking ES!..

Here are some photos from my second last day in Arica.
I asked Pierre and Jake if they wanted to come to the top of the mountain to check out the view of Arica city.
So we negotiated a taxi and up we went.

Check em out below!... Such an Amazing View!..

El Gringo, Where the Bodyboarding competition was held

Arica Port
Pierre Too Close to the Edge!!
Beautiful View

Rough Seas
Rough Seas 2.?
El Gringo Bay
Jake and His Weak Legs
Windy and Totally Enjoying the Rush!

Bird Flying Through
Myself and The Christ Statue
Pierre taking this one!
Set the Timer, Run the Distance, Then Strike The Pose!
Bit Of Art Photography
Arica City View
Arica City View and Ocean

Other Side Of The Mountain

Houses in Arica

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