Monday, June 2, 2008

Rio BB Pro, Itacaotiara Day 2

The final day of the Rio BB Pro was completed in some good waves. Some slight onshore wind and big waves were making it hard for the riders to maneuver but all in all it was a great day of Competition.

Having 2 Uzmi Boys finishing in the Top 4 was a good way to see.
Local Itacaotiara Rider, Guilermhe Correa took out the first event of the Rio BB Pro and was absolutely stoked as it was his first win there.

Check out the action below!

Pex Slotting into a Barrel
Our Awesome Beach Marshall - Vina
Hermano In a Nice Long Barrel
Correa carving it up to Victory!
Magno Free Surfing some Sick Lefts!
Guilermhe dropping in for the win!
Gugu Barcellos Dropping In

Hermano Castro
1st Place
Uzmininu Celebrate!!

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