Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Rhyees Turns 23 in Hawaii!


The time has come, another year of wisdom shall we say... hahaha
Today Hawaiian time i officially turned 23.

Sharing this great birthday among many people, Mr Elvis Preseley...The KING!!!

it was at 12:00am on the 8th of Jan that i celebrated my birthday.
Had some friends over for a little gathering. Some drinks, games and a chat. And most of all a Suprise cake from the Uzmi crew..

The Birthday Cake, Took a bite out of it as we couldnt find the knife at first..:D

Was a great feeling. Wasn't expecting anything at all...
I then had my family call me via the mobile to wish me happy birthday.
They sung for years, crazy Australians i say!...hahahaha...
But i loved it, Couldn't of asked for anything better!...

Made me miss home, but im determined to succeed here!!!..

Today we set off early, checked Pipe but no swell around at all.
Went to Wal Mart and Cost Co to stock up on supplies for the month!!...

This was a photo from last night. Imitating Cribs,

Yes Mum, as you can see, we are eating well :D hehehe

Went for a surf this afternoon and stayed on the beach till dark.
Had the most beautiful sunset come my way for my Birthday.. Simply amazing.

Recorded the whole thing on Cam!!..
Here are some photos..

Heading to bed now because we are due for a MASSIVE swell at the Glorious Pipeline tomorrow. Up to 22ft!.
So we are at the beach on Sunrise to capture the action!.

Thank You to Everyone for a great Birthday!!..

Love you Wedes Clan!!..


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Rosângela said...


In Australia yesterday, here in Brazil a little earlier than in Hawaii ...
Completed 23 years away from home, away from the family, living new experiences ...

Coincidence ... Maguinho when completed the same age was far from us too ..

But of course not only his family, but we believe that now the new member of our family, especially this day you want everything good in life that God can give you
Much peace, health, success in this new journey and that all goals are achieved

Congrats to you this time dear, many years of life.

Happy Birthday