Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Another Addition to Uzmi Unit

Weather has been on and off here on the North Shore for the past 2 days.
Sometimes its sunny and sometimes its raining but either way we're all happy that there is some waves.
We had a BBQ the other night, i cooked....was great until Linda tried to start the bbq with some thinner.
But anyways, that is life!....Last night LG cooked some good pasta which was very nice!..

2 Days ago we went surfing at V-Land close to home. Waves had dropped off but there was still some swell around to surf upon. 3 footers were slightly barreling allowing the guys to have some fun. Captured a few good waves. See below.

After much time trying to get a ticket to Hawaii it is with great news that number 5 in the World, Magno Oliveira "President" has arrived in Hawaii!.. Yesterday myself, Hermano, Luis and Felipe drove down to the airport to greet Magno. I drove there and back...Was good to drive and hang out on the wrong side of the car and the wrong side of the road :P. We had some fun thats for sure!..

We arrive back into the North Shore and had a huge Rainbow greeting us as we drove towards Pipeline. It started to sun shower which was great. Magno had to get into the water straight away. opened up his luggage and grabbed his boardshorts, board and fins and was ready to rock. jumped into the water and was Illuminaded!!!...He surfed some nice waves, getting some barrels and cruising pipe!... Not bad for being in the country for an hour!...

Today was another relaxing day, not many waves around. We chilled out at the house, had some guys come around and then by lunch the waves picked up slightly so the boys surfed Rocky Point. Some good fun waves there.

Paulo giving us another one of his Signature Moves!... "360 into the Barrel"

Came back and helped Felipe wash the car...Look what ended up happening!... hahahahaha...Don't trust HC with the hose!!!.:P

Just finished cooking dinner. Cooked Pizza and homemade French Fries...Good to see everyone loved!.. Then thanks to Victor we watched Ryan Hardy's Hardlyfe 2. Great film..Very inspiring!.

Off to bed now, up early to do some filming and then off to the airport to pick up Santiago Tobar!.

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