Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Made it to Hawaii!!

Finally Arrived in Honolulu after a not so bad 10 hour flight.
Kinda weird leaving on the 31st at 6pm and then arriving on the 31st at 6:45am.!

Going back in time. I hear the Sydney fireworks were crazy and a lot of people were there in the harbour to celebrate.

Thankyou to Hermano for picking me up from the airport. Definitely helped a lot!. Went to Wall Mart on the way to the house. UNBELIVABLE! So many things you can buy. Paintball guns, fireworks, alcohol, a whole bunch of stuff!. Crazy!

Slowly starting to unpack, get used to this place and try find a friend of mine to which I don’t know where the heck he is!!.. Justin where are you!.. :P

Room is good, have no bed, just a sleeping bag on the floor for now with a pillow.

Its now 7pm, starting to get ready for a new years party. People coming over to the house for some drinks and then we are heading to sunset beach for a party.

Signing off for the last day of 2007!

1st JAN
FELIZ ANO NOVO, (Happy New year Everyone!)

Well, ive woken up with nothing but a huge hangover. These Hawaiians know how to party. We ended up having a few drinks at our place, then headed to sunset beach where it was pouring with rain for new years. Somehow there was a word out of a big party in pupukea so we headed up the huge mountain to Pupukea and rocked up to this Mansion party on the top of the hill.

So many people there, everyone having a great time. Drunk too much and don’t feel so well now.

Its not roughly 3pm and Paulo is picking us up to take us to Duda’s house for a barbeque. Meeting more Brazilians as I go along, feels as though I am in Rio or something, met hardly any Hawaiians so far but everyone has been cool and welcoming.

Barbeque was great. Had a lot of fun trying to understand everyone speaking in portugese. Probably paying me out as I am the only aussie there! Hahaha. I just keep telling myself, stay strong and all will be ok.

Once again there are no waves. Still rain, rain and more rain. Windy today and fully overcast. Nothing to do.

Had a great breakfast, nice bacon, egg and cheese roll from Teds Bakery down the highway.

Finally I have this guy rock up to our place and it is Justin. My fellow aussie mate is here, alive and well!!... Makes me feel a lil better knowing that I have someone of my own company here.

Trying to get used to doing nothing, its hard.
Since I am used to such a schedule or plans, here it is non existent!

Is as simple as this, If there are waves everyone surfs, if there is none, you simply do nothing.

Now its back to relaxing. Going to take some photos shortly of the local area whilst its not raining.

Talk Soon!

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