Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Day with Magno Oliveira!

Woke up this morning to some rain and down towards v-land some miserable weather.
But in Hawaii this can change within a minute. Had some breakfast and just hung out at the house for a little in the morning.

Checked the emails, some news back home and so forth and then got a Call from Magno.

We met at Ted's Bakery and had a little chat and then he came back to the House for a little to hang out.
The rest of Uzmi were relaxed and all sitting aroud talking, checking out some footage and photos and hanging out.
No one really wanted to surf because of the small conditions, but this is good training for smaller conditions and to increase the hunger for big waves!.

So Magno and I set out for a day of filming. Grabbed the bikes and headed for a ride to Pipeline.
Had a great ride, checked Rocky Point on the way but it wasn't working as good as Off The Wall.
Got to Mike's place and got the underwater housing ready. Met the man himself Mr Mike Stewart and had a small chat with him. What a down to earth Awesome Guy he is!!..

Met an up and coming Aussie, Tom Rigby. Nice kid and good company. Man this kid rips too!!..
Check his profile out on youtube!

We met Mark McCarthy @ Off The Wall as he was already out there.

Wind turned offshore and then no wind at all. Was some good conditions, the odd peak of sun through the clouds, clear water and smallish size, roughly 3-5ft, we were bound to have some sort of fun. Captured not that many waves but some pretty cool footage.

Was swimming in and boy did i cop it. Was hit with 2 sets of heavy waves to the head coming in. One of them i got picked up and thrown to the ground. Luckily it was sand underneath and not reef like most parts. Boom Boom Boom on the head. Lol.. I was taught to relax myself when in these conditions. I started to panic but then told myself to relax and all was ok. Let the waves take me and the next thing i knew i was standing at the shore!..Full of Sand though..hahaha

From there we headed back to Mike's place, had something to eat and had a chat with Mark, cracked a few jokes and ate these mad chocolates from Brazil and nice roasted almonds from AUS. Thanks Mark... :P

By this time it was afternoon and time to head out for another surf. Magno & I then headed to Rocky Point, met up with Paulo, Luis, Mark, Jeffinho & Aline. Did some filming there but the waves had dropped right off. Conditions were getting very small. 1-3ft.

We called it a day of surfing and then went back to Mike's watched some bodyboarding dvd from South Africa and talked away. Paying each other out with jokes and munching on more chocolates, good food and nuts!.

Rode home in the dark from Pipe to Backyards, was about a 10min ride with all my camera gear, 2 backpacks full. Man, the things a photographer has to do to make things happen..But it was a great learning curve, exercise and a show of commitment towards these projects!.

Had a good chat to Jayman!...My mate back home in Aus..Good to hear everything is going well for you and take care bud!

Off to bed now for a good nights sleep and an early surf!..

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