Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Croc's Day Off!!

A Day off today from the waves...
usual morning....except this time NO WAVES!!...
Like 1ft rolls, nothing to surf on..

So today was a day to relax and regenerate!!...
Getting ready for a BIG party. Turning 23 tomorrow in Hawaii, but Today in AUS!!..

Thank you to all of you who sent me birthday wishes.
And many thanks to my family for supporting me and helping me through!!!..
Much love to you all!!!..

I have officially been nicknamed by these Brazilian Nuts in Hawaii..
They call me
"The Hunter"
"Freak Dancer"

Why you ask...???

I wore these kick ass shoes on NYE and they said they look like crocodile skin. Which they do and because i was dancing like JT i was named the Freak Dancer.. lol.....I thought these Brazilians could dance!...

Hermano entered into a big online Poker tournament of 700 people. $6 entry, winner takes $400.. He placed 97 out of 700. Made $7.70.. :P..

Not too bad!!..

I finally met up with my Aussie mate Justin who is over here.. Havnt seen him for ages, thought he was on his way home, but he rocked up to our place..Wow!...great to see you dude!!....

A nice sunny day today as well, so i thought i'd take some random photos and post!..

The highway in and out of the North Shore!!...

Below is the house we are staying in. It is seperated into 2 parts, we are in one side and some others are in another.

We are due for some big swell late tomorrow afternoon and wednesday.

Scheduled 10ft @ Pipe is hopefully voming...
Cannot wait to film and photograph!!.. This is what i came here for!!

Not much else to say except a Bourbon and Coke is waiting for me :D...
See you on the flipside!!

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