Monday, January 7, 2008

Blessed With Sun Again!!...

Another day of great Sun!!!!...

The usual morning process, slept in a lil till 8 this morning.
But didnt miss anything really. Waves started to peak around 8:30am.

By lunch time it was time to get the session started.
The typical Hawaiian sunday as well. Sun out, Blue skies, reef showing and beaches and waves packed with people!!..

Had some fun shooting today but it was hard to get a decent shot in. Waves were alot smaller in size than 2 days ago.
But that didnt stop Hermano from pulling ARS after ARS!!
But its all good, we are apparently due for a 12ft Pipeline swell on Tuesday.
Pray to god this comes so i can shoot some front cover mag style pics!...

All in all, a good day was had!....Lots of sun and temps were around the 28-30 degrees mark.
Wind was offshore and barrels were laying around!

Got home and had something to eat and then everyone was feeling a little exhausted from the big day of surfing and the sun.

We were then all invited to Lucas' house for a BBQ...
Stopped off at Foodland, picked up some munchies, top sirloin, sausages and some drinks and we were headed up to the top of Pupukea again!.

Had a great night and just recently got back.
Off to bed now, up early for some more sun and fun waves!.

Take care and enjoy the rest of your week!

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