Friday, January 11, 2008

Swell is Still Here!

Another day in Hawaii!!...

Today was a bit of a dull day to start off with!!...
Alarm rang at 5:45, i was soo tempted to go back to bed but i wasnt going to miss out on a day in Hawaii!!..

6am down at Pipe as usual, getting used to it. Surfers were in the water surfing again whilst it was dark!...

Sun rose and the crowds flocked. After this big swell, it died down slightly and was sitting around 7-10ft.
Very clean in the morning and some great waves to be had!.

Mike Stewart, Jeff Hubbard and the Uzmi boys were all out there having some fun.
Once again everyone was ushered from the water early around 8ish as the final day of the Backdoor Shootout was on.

We then headed to Rocky Point to have a great day there.

Had an encounter with a celebrity as well. Had a little chat to Jack Johnson, he was out for a surf...Nice guy!!!...
Here he is ripping it up!

Had another great sunset!!..

Not much else to say except we apparently have a swell over 30 ft coming on sunday. Wait and see!!..


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