Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Monsters Of Hawaii!!

The Forecasters were definately right for today!!!!..

Alarm goes off at 5:30am this morning. Hermano and I Wake up and are out of bed by 5:50.
Tried waking everyone else up but they were out for the count!.
Felipe arrived at the house at 6AM, grabbed a small breaky for the run and an OJ and it was time to hit Pipeline to see what it was like.

Still dark, sunrise wasnt until 6:40am. We got there and by the time i got to the beach, Hermano was already in the water. Never ever seen this before, but guys were surfing pipeline at 6:15am in the fricken dark!....


The Uzmi boys had a great session in the morning. Everyone was moved on as a contest was in place for today. The Backdoor Shootout. Huge waves from 8-12 ft were ripping into Pipeline. Backdoor was unsurfable for most of the day.
Saw some huge wipeouts!!..

Came home, had a big lunch and then hit the beach again to see the swell INCREASING!.
The contest was almost over and some of the guys hit the water to catch these waves.

Mike Stewart, Guilherme Tamega, Hermano Castro, Luis Villar, Paulo Barcellos andToby Player were among the bodyboarders out there.
Brazilian Pipe champ, Steffan was also out there going nuts with a few other big balling surfers!

Waves were awesome, drew a big crowd who were in amazement like myself.

Very tired so only got a small amount of photos that im putting up but a short video to entertain!. Will post quite a few tomorrow.

The swell reports are saying that tomorrow is ment to be DOUBLE in size than today with waves reaching up to 22ft.
Wondering if Pipe will be surfable, definately going to head over to check out Waiamea Bay to see if there is a show on there!.


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