Saturday, January 19, 2008

EPIC Day At Pipeline!

Well today is the first day since i have been here that we call all say it was an EPIC day!

Was very tired yesterday from a good day at the beach, took quite alot of photos but no where near as many as i did today. Just over 950!...Snap Happy i was today!!!...

I Slept through my alarm this morning. Hermano woke me at 5:40am, meanwhile i checked the swell report the night before and we new this day was coming!...just didnt know it was going to be this good!!..

Arose, didnt get to eat a big breakfast and we were off to Pipe, Still dark when arriving it was certainly cold this morning...
Its amazing watching these surfers catching waves in the dark!!..
Your eyes can't adjust to actually see the surfers but you see the wave and the whitewash trail from them that runs fast along the wave..Tis Awesome!!!..

Hermano was in the water within no time!!..Grabbed 2 nice waves in the morning for breakfast! :P...
The crowd flocked as the sun rose, but 7am there were at least 30-50 people in the water surfing.

The waves just kept coming and coming, 8-12ft in size and barreling away!
The next i knew it was 11am. Sun was out, temp was at least 30 and heaps of people along the beach and in the water!!..

Hermano and I took Felipe's car and we drove to get something to eat from Ted's!..Classic egg, bacon and cheese roll and a doughnut!...yumm!!!!..

Mike Stewart Pulling an ARS

Went home and downloaded my first lot of images!.
Then headed back to the beach for some more sunshine and salt water!...

Surfer crowds got even worse, i don't know how they manage to dodge each other for a wave. Don't forget you have to give way to the Locals as well!...They're cool though!..

Managed to capture some great shots throughout the day. I'm still downloading the images to the mac as we speak!!..

The majority of us came home around 2:30pm to grab some lunch. Linda cooked a very nice pasta and we were then set to head back. Hermano stayed and grabbed a few extra waves which turned out to be nuts!..

I arrived back to the beach to the waves going INSANE!, Offshore, Barreling, Spitting, Sun Shining and everything was perfecto!!..

Stayed till sunset, we were greeted with another beautiful sunset!!...

Have some pizza now and then off to bed for an early start!!!...

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