Saturday, January 5, 2008


Even know i have only been here for 5 days. Today was a day of relief!.
Blue skies and sunshine!.. Obrigado

Morning wasn't the best with waves, did the usual. Checked the reports at 7am, went back to sleep till 8. Got up ad had some breakfast and we were on our way walking to Rocky Point when Tony passed by. He decided to stop and vooom, we all jump into the back of the pickup and grab a lift to R.P!....Aloha Tony, Much Appreciated!!!

Rocky Point was getting better as we sat down to watch a few sets. It was time for Uzmi to get out there and have a run!.

Well, not much else to say today except i was finally able to shoot some great photos.
Surfers were out hitting aerial manouvers like crazy!!...
HC, LG, PB and others were onto it as well grabbing some nice barrels and decent air.

Captured my best image so far of Marcus Jorge hitting it upside down off a nice lip.

Early surf tomorrow.
Taking the Video Water Housing out for a run!.
Will let you know how it goes!!..


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