Thursday, January 3, 2008

Wet & Dry Today

Firstly i'll start off with the latest news from yesterday.
A swell apparently was due to arrive today on Jan 3.

Funny enough it did!!.. You will see below.
We were pretty bored and annoyed with all this miserable weather, rain, wind and no sunshine.
So Hermano decided that he needed a haircut. Mowhawk here we come.

Woke up around 6am to miserable weather once again.
This time there was a slight break of blue sky a few miles down the beach to which we were praying would come our way.
Did the usual, check surfline, check the cams and the forecasts, but nothing to show at all.
We got a call around 9am, Rocky Point was working!!... FINALLY

Samanta gave us a ride to Rocky Point and it was time to check it out in person.
Walk down the walkway and we arrive to some decent 5 footers, but slightly messy because of the trade winds.


But Not for long.
Soon enough, typical Hawaiian weather at the moment, it was raining.
So Happy this backpack has a dry cover built in. :D
Managed to capture this nice rainbow above the sets rolling in.

Hermano, Linda and Felipe decided to head into the water. Fighting against the current and the bomb sets, they managed to get out back and have a run on a few waves.. nothing too special at this point in time.
The Next Hour goes like this.


All im asking for is some nice sunshine, some good barrels so i can get some good shots in.
As the day progressed it got better.
More surfers hit the water and appears the only female apparently so far to ride Waiema when it is big!.

Day moves on, gets better and better, then drops off in a matter of 5 minutes.
Its amazing how this place can have waves and then 5 minutes later none and then 10 minutes later have heaps.
Bit of creativity kicking in.

Around 12ish, Hermano decided to hop out and i said to him, get back in the water cause i didnt have any real decent shots and then we waited and waited and waited and BOOOOM!!!!...Wave of the day came!

Day is finished and then back home to the rain again. Managed to stay dry whilst we walked home.
Tomorrow is ment to be working so once again, up early to check and hopefully have something worth while with some good weather for the day!.

Just got back from an Adventurous drive. Picked up another Brazilian from the airport. Luis Villar. Another Uzmi boy here in Hawaii.. WELCOME!..
The traffic was HERENDOUS on the opposite way home, so Hermano decided we go for a drive to Waikiki and then come back.
Well, what an idea that was... hahaha

He got lost in Waikiki. So funny, totally different to the North Shore, Civilization!, Highrise everywhere.
I managed to get us home, was pretty simple, just stick to the coast and find the Highway 10!. All sorted!.

Back in the room now, Raining again. Signing off for the night!.

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