Wednesday, January 16, 2008

On Shore @ North Shore..!

Finally an update for all of you out there!...
For the last few days its been noting special here.

The waves increased in size big time and we were all waiting for the Eddie Aiku to start. It was big enough in size, but the winds were HOWLING so it washed out the bay and the rest of the North Shore!.

So the waves were reaching 30ft +. Pretty crazy!..
The swell decreased over the next day to half its size but it was still MISERABLE WEATHER....So far we've had crappy weather for the last 2 days. Its been raining, winds howling, salt in the air and just weather you want to sleep to!..

So its been kinda lazy here in the house. Playing some PS2 Fifa 07, watching some Bodyboarding Movies and just hanging out.
I've been working out inside, trying to get fit and increase my stamina. Been feeling great. Eating well. Hermano and I have been mixing up some awesome protein smoothies and shaving his head! :P...

Didnt get out to take any photos for the last 3 days as it was hard to get outside without getting wet or blown over!.

Tomorrow the swell is ment to get a little better so the camera will come out!.

A Shoutout to my good old buddies Ange and Ivy!!...Hope all is great in at H/O with you all!!..Hehehe

big Hugs to my family back home, my middle sister Giarne has been working hard doing some Modelling Photoshoots. Finally doing something with your life!..hahaha nice work!...Sienna hope you are well, miss you and will see you soon and Myanna keep working hard, it will pay off!!!...

Woke up this morning at 6:30am and checked out the surfat Pipe. Shocking waves, wind was onshore and everything was crappy. then went for a ride to V-land and still crappy waves there. Came home and chilled out for a bit. H.C and I went to Foodland and got some breads, fruit and so on for a big Breaky!!...Had a good breakfast and then got the call from PB that the waves were working!.

Today for the first time i surfed in the Hawaiian waters!!... Wow so amazingly Beautiful!. Was breaking between 5-7ft, The wind changed and turned offshore for about half hour.
Paulo Barcellos picked me up and we went for a look around. Sunset Beach it was!...
We finally had some blue skies and sunshine!

i was kinda nervous heading out into these waters, not knowing the water, seeing bigger sets than i have ridden before and definately alot heavier wave than back home!.

Big paddle out, found it very easy to get out since the currents were pretty strong, had to paddle about 500m out to the breaks. I decided to sit out on the shoulder for a while, still nervous and watch these locals and PB rip it up!!! Was pretty crowded too. Sunset was the pick of the day apparently and in Hawaii where ever there is waves, there is a crowd with it!.
I then decided i was going to charge a wave, finally after about an hour i caught one, not the best wave but pretty decent. Felt so good after i pulled off and paddled back out towards the line up..

Stayed out for about another half hour and then decided to call it quits. Arms were hurting from constantly paddling after the big workout yesterday.

Tonight we went to Rocky Point and watched another great sunset!. Didnt take the camera because we organised to meet up at the Tennis court opposite Pipeline for some tennis, Foot volley and then watch some Capoeira!..

Had a great night and just got home!....
Early night tonight because wind should be light and waves should be good in the morning!..

Pics and more to come tomorrow!!..

Ciao!! :D

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