Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Waterfalling In Guarapari!!

Yesterday was a day off really.
No waves, overcast weather and an inside working day.

But late in the afternoon Magno had the inspiration of going and visiting a friend.
So we did.

Ruffino picked us up and off we went, driving into the Mountains.
Unbelievable views!..
We drove further into the mountains and came to this gate, Magno opens and we drive, through mud, rocks and a small trail...
We then come to this dodgy bridge with 5 planks of wood spreading over a lake, 2 pieces of the wood were broken, one was rotten and there were 2 left for our 4 wheels to go on.

Magno directs Ruffino over the bridge, all is good!!!... Off we go further into the bush of the mountain, passing through windscreen high grass, more rocks, mud trails and through the trees.. Come to another gate, Magno opens!..

Off we go, once again further in... Finally come to this house. Magno's friend is home and we have a little visit.
Idea of the travels here was to say hi and also do an interview of Magno to get some news.

So now i know what its like to own your own personal waterfall!!!....
Magno's friend has a very nice piece of land, personal waterfall, own water producing electricity setup and beautiful scenery.

So, i conducted the interview and then it was time to play for a little.
Snapped a few photos, played around with the settings and managed to get the water looking very milky!..
As you can see in the first photo this is the basic settings, the next are my personal camera settings. Hope you enjoy!!..

On the way back, we could see a HUGE storm picking up, big cold front it was amazing. Bought back some fresh water from the place which we named the "Good Vibes" water!!.. ;)


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DAD said...

awesome tube shot and the waterfall is wicked mate