Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Family Farm of Guarapari!

Well, today is Sunday, the day of Rest in Brazil..
Siestas all day, plenty of food, drink and laughs...

I was fortunate enough to goto Magno's Family farm.
His uncle was there to invite us and family and friends and we had a great lunch.

Fished in the lake and i managed to catch the biggest catch of the day.
Together we would of caught at least 20 fish. Alot of fun..

turned into a game who could catch the most.
Great Scenery.

Magno, Marlon and Myself then decided to go for a walk.
Picked some Jamelao Berries and Amora and went for a walk.
Then the crazy boys decided we should walk across the river.

So we did, luckily wasnt too deep.
Was and awesome day.

The Fishing Champion!!!..

Magno & Katherine

Magno with his Uncle

The awesome Wind catcher.

The Gang!

Magno' Father with the Senna hat!...

Magno Picking some Jaca.

Note: You will see in these photos that my hair is somewhat shorter.
In this case it was Magno who managed to do this. I asked him to cut an Inch off because my hair was getting bad from all the surfing and salt water. So this is what ended up. He cannot cut straight, he cannot cut to directions.

But its all good, a slight relief of hair gone!!..

Talk soon!

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