Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Uzmi Swell in Guarapari!

Below are exclusive photos taken from video footage of a swell that hit Guarapari.

There are 2 locations here.
A secret spot founded by the Uzmi Boys.
The other is another spot that has never been surfed before. Many people have seen it to be too sketchy to surf.

The Uzmi boys were Illuminaded and went for it.
The reef is sharp, my fins were sliced from filming. The water at both breaks was very shallow. Most of the time when i was filming i was standing up in waist high water.
Tiago unfortunately copped some Sea Urchin into his heel, we managed to get a little out before the pain got to him!...

The place never attempted before is called Atalaia, the other is Undisclosed for obvious reasons.

Atalaia is very close to rocks, buildings and you can see in the background the city of Guarapari.

Bodyboarders are:
Magno Oliveira, Tiago Freire, Miojo, Raphael and Adao


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