Monday, April 14, 2008

Soaking Up The Sun @ Praia Do Morro

Praia Do Morro really should be named Praia Do Magno, translating "Beach Of The Magno"..Hahaha
He is always there, every time we leave the house to walk to the beach only 3 streets away, it takes us at least 10 minutes because he is the idol!...Everyone wants a chat!..

Jackson, Magno, Katherine and I went for a long walk yesterday at the other end of the beach which leads to a rural park area. From there you have to walk through a path that takes you over a big hill and through the bushes. The you walk past another small beach and over onto some rocks and another small hill. From there we are on the edge of the ocean where we went fishing. This place on the rocks over the other side of the mountain is beautiful. Very relaxing and a nice place. The water is crystal clear, you see turtles swimming by all the time. It was also a Very hot day yesteday, sun was out, not a cloud in the sky.

We managed to catch 5 fish. Once again, i caught the biggest of the day, whooohoo!!..
Forgot to take photos of them though!!.. They wernt too big..

We all had great fun!.. I stopped on the way back to take some quick photos of the view. Really good. Even better at sunset apparently. Going to go get those shots hopefully this week!!

Afterwards, i snapped a photo of Magno in his room. These are just almost half of the trophies he has here!.. More to come!

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