Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Day Of NO Waves!

April 17

Well, we woke up hoping to surf. The day before bought us some nice fun waves. We all had some great surf sessions.
But today was not the case. Woke up checked a few spots and it was pretty much almost flat!.

Setiba usually has bigger waves than the other surf spots so we went to check that out.
Bummed, nothing to surf.

So i had the camera in the back and I asked Magno to stop at a few places and took some photos!..
Check out Setiba!

Magno's head is going crazy, NO WAVES, NO WAVES!!!!!

The lonely log!

On the way home we have to cross this old bridge. FUnny enough its in the middle of a small community and is still standing.
Most of the community are fishermen and family. It was low tide, so i snapped a few shots of the river and the boats!.

A Street on the way home. Alot of streets around here are dirt and sand with billions of pot holes!
Flower for my Mum!! Love ya Mum!!

Another beach on the way home with no waves!
Has a nice view in the background of the mountains.

Below is the Main traffic lights they have here. Pretty weird!.. They work on countdown timers and they show you so you know when your time is up for the red or not :P...

Big Speed camera on the way home.
Magno got done by this one one time i believe ;)... hahaha
Natural power!
Guarapari Main Street
Traffic Jam, man these Brazilians drive like its a sunday. So frustrating, the traffic here was banked up 15 cars long because the guy in the black trucked just stopped his car to unload something.. lol

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kaphey said...

Goog shoots my friend !
"sho ras ko" this was the best... rsrsrs
Bye, hugs.