Monday, April 14, 2008

Katherine Turns 21!

On Saturday night we had a little party for Magno's Girlfriend, Katherine who just recently turned 21.
It was a sort of suprise party which ended up kinda cool..

I Didn't take my camera along, but luckily with the latest technology from my Macbook Pro, i had a camera built in...
So i captured some photos..

Thanks Samuel for a great night!!

Check em out!

Big Big Fish That Magno Organised!!

Soo Good!
Brazilians know how to cook, so much food!!
The Gang hanging out!!..
Very Good Tasting Cake!
The New Hair Cut!
Samara, Katherine & Marcia

Saulo & I

Ruffino, Saulo & I
The Uzmi Boys!

The After Taste!!!...

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