Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Katherine Melo Pro Final Day!

The Final Day of Competition in the small waves was here.
We saw the Quarter Finals, Semis and Final in both the Mens and Women's.

Today i shot and filmed from the top of the tent setup.
Waves were not the best but we saw some one on one action.

2 Uzmi Boys ended up in the final.
Uri Valadao and Luis Villar.
The boys battled it out to the end and Uri came through with the Victory.

The Famous Hermano Castro. The Uzmi Boys just finished manufacturing our own "Illuminaded" Lycras!!.. HC was kind enough to model for us!!

Magno Getting a Chiropractic Massage before his heat!..

H.C Being Interviewed by National Brazilian TV

Magno surfed very well in his heat but was unfortunately knocked out by fellow Uzmi boy, Uri Valadao. Even though he wasnt surfing, the fans still wanted a piece of Magno!

Xandao, the man behind the Uzmi News & Waves Bodyboarding!!!..

The Setup & Crowds

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