Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Uzmi Celebrates With Paulo!

Apologies for the Delay in Posts, I am actually now in Espirito Santo, Brazil!!!...
I have been here for one week so far as i was photographing the Bodyboarding Contest.

Some of you have been wondering whats happened, im still alive and well, very very busy with everything!!

I found some photos that needed blogging back awhile ago!!..

Back after the final of the Pipeline Pro we celebrated Paulo' Victory and Uri's third at his house right behind Pipe!
Check out some of the photos!

The following day we had Hermano's Birthday...Big party for his 29th!!!..
Check it out!

Paulo with the Croc Style!!!

The Glorious Board!
The 2 Pipe Athletes!

Croc Style!

Paulo with Jamie O'Brien's Father....Very nice guy!

The 2 only real english speaking people at the party!!... Thanks Noah for the times bro!!
Tais and Jessica!

Watch out!!!

Cheers HC!
Anderson is the new Video Film Maker!

Julia cooking her Famous Brigadero which burned everyones mouthes :P..hahahaha Soo yumm!!

A day downtown in Waikiki in the Mustang!!!...
The boys found a nice wave!!

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